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     Founded in 1962, Universal Components Co. consists of two principal owners, Rob Schulman, and Jerry Bass.

     As a Technical Sales Representative, we service the Southern California and Southern Nevada territories, marketing products to both the commercial and military electronics industry.

     Our product emphasis is primarily in electro-mechanical components. All of our lines are synergistic with each other. Each product aids in the discovery of new design programs. It is not uncommon that a lead for one component develops into applications for others.

     Universal Components Co. is staffed by sales personnel with engineering/technical backgrounds. Our primary sales effort is aimed at the design engineer and packaging engineer level.

     We believe our successful sales results are achieved by contacting the design engineering group early in the product development cycle. We follow-up with scheduled visits on the progress of the samples through prototypes, pilot production and finally to full production. Purchasing contact is maintained on an ongoing basis.

     We are able to continuously upgrade and revise our extensive customer base through our direct email program to OEM design engineers. With over 2,000 companies and 5,000 design engineers listed (including a specialized list of 800 names specific to key design and component engineers), we are able to consistently and continuously send out new literature and samples of new product releases in a timely manner.

     Universal Components Co. maintains a strong commitment to distribution. The majority of our manufacturers have local distribution. We view distributors as our allies, an extension of our sales force. This allows us greater account coverage in a market that is so distributor oriented.