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Mechatronics.jpg (6180 bytes) Mechatronics Fan Group- Standard and custom AC Fans, DC Fans, EC Fans, Blowers, impellers, and accessories. An extensive North American inventory, value-add assembly, technical sales, and design support teams that will accelerate your time to market.
MechConnect.jpg (6180 bytes) MechConnect- A custom wire, cable harness, and box build manufacture. Specialize in building custom assemblies to your specifications. Manufactured in Washington State.
copal.jpg (6180 bytes) Copal - DIP, illuminated and non-illuminated pushbutton, lever, rocker, toggle, slide, rotary, key, trigger, and flat keyboard switches. Trimmers, variable attenuators, potentiometers, resettable circuit protectors. Pressure sensors, switches and gauges. Current sensors, liquid leak sensors, rotary encoders, and joystick encoders.
zlogounicable.jpg (6235 bytes) Unicable - Power Cords, Medical Grade and custom cable assemblies.

Powerland Technology Inc

GWP - EV products with AC/DC onboard battery chargers up to 1300 watts and 500 watt EV DC/DC converters that can be paralleled.